Taco Tuesday

This past week I went to my first cannabis pop up event. I was concerned and excited all at the same time. The legal state of cannabis is Florida is weird. Hemp is legal. Medical cannabis is legal. These events seem rather border line. None the less no one was arrested in the making of this article.

I bought my ticket online. Boom got the address. Hit a ATM and made my way to the event. When I pulled up the parking lot was slap full of cars. Parked and made my way to the door. Once I got inside it was just as packed as the parking lot and looked like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Different venders with a assortment of products. Prices ranged but I did feel like I had stepped back into circa 2010/2011. 60 dollar eights, 350 dollar ounces and the quality to match. The products were some of the best I have seen since I moved to Florida, outside of some small batch growers. I made my rounds and looked at all the vendors. Then I scooped up and few 8ths from the vendors I liked and made my way out. Little nerve wrecking when you walk out the door and there’s a unmarked parked facing the door. Thanks COVID for the mask.

Anyway, I made it home safe and sound. Im not writing this article from a jail cell haha. Rolled up some of what I got and I must say it was as good if not better than most of what I have grown. True top shelf medicine for top shelf prices.

I wish these events were more above board. I wish we had a true cannabis industry in Florida. One that allowed small micro grows or craft grows. These are the places you find the really good medicine. Because the people who grow these small batches put their time, love, and passion into it. It no longer becomes about how much money they can make but how well they can produce a patients medicine.

Patients Over Profits
Vincent Van Gro