My introduction to cannabis.

I was first exposed to cannabis in high school. I remember like it was yesterday. One of my teammates came up to me in the hallway. He asked me “if I wanted to buy some weed”. I had never seen cannabis at that point but without missing a beat I said “yeah”. We planned to meet up in the bathroom ten minutes after class started. Sure enough we met up and I bought a $20 bag of brick weed. I can remember sitting in class with that terrible bag of herb in my north face jacket pocket thinking “this stuff stinks. I’m going to get caught”. I didn’t get caught, that time. I made it to 6th period art and struck up a conversation with one of the upperclassmen I knew smoked. I said “hey man I got some bud. Want to smoke after class?” He obliged and we skipped 7th period to go to his house and smoke. When we got to his house I handed him the bud. He asked me “joint or bowl?” I had never even heard of a bowl. So I said “joint” He rolled up a joint, sparked it and passed it to me. I took a big rip, inhaled, and from that moment on my life was changed. The car ride back to the school was like a space shuttle traveling through time. I was in tune with the world around me. I do not remember much else other than I didn’t smoke again until my sophomore year.

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