Cannabis and Mental Health.

Do cannabis products help you with your mental health?

Mental health is not something that is talked about often. It’s the invisible force we all feel. Yet, for some reason we forget that everyone feels this force in one way or another. Some may just get anxious. Others may have mild to sever mood swings. Does cannabis help with this?

I feel like the answer is a solid, yes. I’ve had many a conversation in which someone said “weed keeps me from killing people”. This is the extreme end of it. No one has ever meant they would actually kill someone but the feeling of attacking another human is greatly diminished after smoking a joint. That much every cannabis user can agree on.

Why is this? The Native Americans use to pass around a “peace pipe”. I’m only speculating but don’t you think they were passing around cannabis? A herb that grows naturally around the world and has calming effects. It’s very possible.

Ultimately, I do believe with my whole heart that cannabis helps with my mental health.

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