Where Do You Consume Cannabis?

Im assuming that everyone who reads this is a cannabis advocate at least. So, where do you consume cannabis, if you do?

Most will say their home. Its safe and you probably have all the munchies you could want.  But what if you’re in a state where cannabis is not legal and the cops knock on the door for what ever reason. Then you’re stuck. Here’s a tip. Don’t open the door. They can not enter your home without probably cause. If know one answers the door the officers will do one of two things. 1. They will leave or 2. They will knock down your door. If the second if done then you more than likely have a good case for wrongful search and seizer.

Some will say they smoke in their cars. This was a popular choice when we were in high school because there were only a few, if any, homes that we could smoke in. I could only remember a few parents that were okay with their kids smoking pot in the house. So we parked somewhere and hot boxed the car or we went for a drive through the mountains. God how I miss the the mountains.

Some people even will consume cannabis at work! Ive done it before. Weather it be smoking a bowl with my buddy in the cooler or eating a edible on the line.

We all consume this plant to help us. Thats the point. To help us deal with the general anxiety of existence.

2 thoughts on “Where Do You Consume Cannabis?”

  1. That first smoke on a crisp day in the woods is always the best but that is just me…. or the beach with big baseball bat looking cone.

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