Election Changes Cannabis Laws!


Last night we the people added the 31st medical marijuana state, Missouri. Qualified patients with approval from their physicians will receive identification cards from the state.

Doctors will be able to recommend medical cannabis for any condition they see fit; there is no specific list of qualifying disorders.

This will also allow patients and their caregivers to grow up to six plants and purchase at least four ounces of cannabis from dispensaries on a monthly basis.


The traditionally conservative state, Utah, became the 32nd state added to the list of states that allow medical marijuana.

Qualified patients will be issued state identification cards that will allow them to purchase up to two ounces of medical marijuana or products containing 10 grams of cannabidiol (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from a dispensary during a two-week period.

Patients who live more than 100 miles of a dispensary will be able to cultivate six cannabis plants. Patients would be able to designate caregivers to assist with the growing, obtaining and administration cannabis.

Unfortunately, Utah followed Florida’s lead and will not allow the smoking of medical cannabis.


We saved the best for last! Michigan became the first mid-western state and the 10th state in the union to legalize cannabis for adult use. Michigan has had medical marijuana since 2008. Now 10 years later, they have passed recreational marijuana.

This will allow adults, over 21, to possess, grow and use marijuana legally. Those provisions are set to take effect within 10 days. This means that cannabis could  become legal in the state this month.

Good job Michigan!!!


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