Interview with a Combat Vet

This post comes a little late but it does not matter if it is Veteran’s day or just any other day of the year. Our vets are some of the most important people in our society.

This is a brief overview of how medical cannabis helped this vet.
The vet we interviewed is a registered medical marijuana patient.

We start our story in 2009 with a 18 year old leaving for a foreign land. He would spend 13 months in Iraq. During those months he will defend his country with his life. He would watch his brothers in arms give their lives in defense of their country. There is a lot that our vets are not allowed to talk about, especially when it comes to combat.

Our veteran retuned to the states in 2010. He is prescribed anti-depressants, sleeping meds, and mood stabilizers. All of which are suppose to help with the combat related stresses. Unfortunately, these same medications that are suppose to help have harsh side effects. The one that bothered our veteran the most was the hazy feeling. He said “I felt like a zombie”.

After being honorably discharged our vet tries cannabis recreationally. Meaning he is not using cannabis on a daily basis. He does start to self medicate with alcohol. Needing it to get to sleep most nights. He has seen horrible things, only he knows what is going through his head while he sleeps.

He soon moves closer to family. He starts smoking cannabis daily with friends. He notices that when he is consuming cannabis he does not have the urge to drink as much. He also notices that he does not need alcohol to sleep. Along side all this he is much more patient with people. A man who because of the combat he has seen was lacking in some social skills. After consuming cannabis he says that his social anxiety is diminished as well.

Finally, when the state that our veteran lives in allowed access to medical marijuana he jumped on it. Already knowing the positive effect of cannabis.

So, how can the federal government put this plant into the schedule I category? A category that states that this plant has no medicinal value. When even if you just look at this one case with this one war veteran you can see the medicinal value.


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