Since medical cannabis passed in Florida in 2016 raw flower has been unavailable and illegal to have even by a registered medical marijuana patient. Now isn’t that just funny. The state says “you can use cannabis for medicine but the way we want you too” .

What is noticeable about medical cannabis in Florida is that the state wants all the money. Yes you read that right, they want it all. They will say “its for the public safety”. If that were true California, Colorado, Washington State, and even the District of Colombia would be in chaos. Thats right, our nations capital has the full spectrum of cannabis products….for adult use. From flower to isolates and there has been no danger to the public like the Florida government would like you to believe. This means the only reason that they want to regulate it so tight is so they can ever single penny.

Fortunately, we have a big fish backing flower in Morgan & Morgan. There has been a court date set of Jan. 8 for his #NoSmokeIsAJoke campaign. We can only hope that the judges of the great state of Florida will up hold what the people of Florida voted for.

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