The Fountain of Youth

One of our members sent us this well written exert about Florida’s new governor announcing he is going to drop the smokable flower suit.
One small toke for man, one giant toke for man kind.

Is our budding industry the fountain of youth? Ponce De Leon set out on his boat looking for the fountain of youth. Ironically yesterday marked the state in which he landed found their fountain of youth. Yes, Florida  you have a wide open market of consumable cannabis, it will be stoners paradise. You avg smoker will feel like you died and gone to heaven. No 72 virgins here…… just give me one experienced one and a joint that never goes out! Confusion can set in with so many choices. Have no fear this is a guide to wonderful world of a fully loaded menu!
Concentrate-That wonderful smelly, sticky flower to me is the fountain of youth. We all live in pain whether it be physical or mental and this is ok. It how you deal that pain makes the difference. Find the right flower for your symptoms is key, when you do the anxiety will melt, the pain will go away, the appetite for food and other activities will increase. It’s all like your turning back a clock, enjoy the plentiful bounty that is before you! Next time we will talk about matching cannabis with symptoms! Happy Tokes!The Cannabis Craftsman

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