The Concierge Experience

What do you love about your favorite dispensary? Is it the bud tenders? Maybe it’s the quality of the product or the variety of products.

What if you could get all of this and more in one place. Imagine a place that offered 100+ strains in all forms from flower to isolate. Every bud tender is thoroughly educated on every product on the shelf. They know if the plants were grown organically or synthetically. They know what methods were used to make the variety of concentrates. They can tell you how every edible was made.

In the ideal place anything you can imagine is possible and that’s what we want to know. If you called “the concierge of cannabis” what would you expect? How would you expect to be treated? What products would you imagine this business to carry? What would you pay for those products? Would you be willing to pay a membership fee especially if it allowed the prices to be slightly lower.

Tell us what you would want !!!


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