Caregivers – A thing of the past?

With more states and even Canada legalizing adult use cannabis. Naturally, they are coming to the conclusion that they will have to produce enough for every consumer.

Under most medical cannabis laws caregivers are written in to help meet the demand of the public. This also gives the patient true freedom in choosing where their medicine comes from. The law makers of adult use cannabis are trying to write out caregivers.

It seems as if other states are taking Florida’s lead with highly restrictive cannabis laws. Such as not allowing smokeable flower or in Arizona outlawing concentrates. Michigan is actively trying to write care givers out in order to give big business a large portion of the cannabis market. This is something that was modeled after Florida’s laws limiting the number of medical marijuana producers and requiring them to be vertically integrated. Even the Golden state of California has stopped allowing caregivers to sell their products to the clubs.

The tides of the cannabis industry are changing and they are changing rapidly. The culture that this industry was founded on is being pushed to the side for the money that can be made. If this continues it will push the mom and pop growers into bankruptcy and the outlaws that built this industry with their sweat and tears in the back room of their buddy’s house right back underground.

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