Koko Nuggz

We’ve been hearing about this new product, Koko nuggz. If you’re like us you have seen the videos here and there on instagram. This chocolate that looks like weed. You might have seen a man go through TSA with a bag of Koko nuggz. To the agents surprise he eats some of what at the time is thought to be weed. They all laugh and send him on his way. This peaked out interest and we ordered some. We got a 2 oz glass jar of OG, 4.5 oz glass jar of Biscotti, and a 1 oz bag of Biscotti.

At first glance the candy does look like cannabis but once you open the jar and take a closer look it is quite obvious that is is not. It does not smell like weed. It also does not have any THC or CBD in it. As for the quality of chocolate, its very good. Personally too sweet for me to eat more than one or two at a time.

The glass jars are nice as well. We always like to find things that can be reused.

Over all we give KoKo Nuggz 4 out of 5 Puffs.

You can check out their website, https://kokonuggz.com/ , and order your own!

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