Over Watering

Over watering is a common issue.

Soil is the medium that is most commonly over watered. This is because peat does not hold oxygen as well as other mediums and roots need oxygen to thrive. When a plant is over watered the roots are in a sense “drowned”. The best way to water a peat based medium is lightly and frequently. A peat or soil gardener must walk a fine line between wet and dry. This is because the life that lives in the rhizosphere needs moisture. While the plant likes a wet and dry cycle.

This is not true with all mediums. When growing in Deep Water Culture (DWC) the plants roots are submerged in water with a air stone providing a constant oxygen supply. Plants grown this way can not be over watered.

Coconut husk is a medium that holds a lot of oxygen. This makes it hard but not impossible to over water. It also means that coco can be watered multiple times a day. Not having the roots submerged in a pH changing solution allows for more consistent pH.

A over watered plant and a under watered plant will have a similar wilted look. Make sure before you water you check the top few inches of soil for moisture.

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