Alright – Here goes nothing. I am going to give you my honest thoughts on the state of cannabis across the nation and the world.

In the 8 years since 2011 the view on cannabis across the world has been altered. Most people views have been changed to a positive light. They have seen their friends and family’s lives changed and even SAVED!!!

In 2012 you would have been arrested for smoking a joint. Then put on probation, made to pee in a cup and fined a ungodly amount of money over a harmless plant. Yes, this plant is harmless, unless you’re a bag a diorites then you might be in danger. In 2019 I have literally walked passed a cop smoking a joint, waved at him and kept walking. In black market states I have been smoking a joint and been told by a officer walking by, he didn’t even stop walking, that we “shouldn’t smoke back here next time”. I have even had TSA give me my weed back. No, you’re not seeing things. You read that right. TSA GAVE ME MY WEED BACK!!!! This would have put me in federal prison 10 years ago!

This brings me closer to my point. The general state of cannabis is changing and it is changing rapidly. Talk about a snowball effect. Federal governments have legalized cannabis. More than half the states in the US have some sort of medical marijuana program. All but a handful, if that any more, have compassionate care or CBD laws.

With all this change happening big business has the cannabis industry in their sights. They are looking at us like a corporation, we’re not.  We are a culture built around helping each other. The people who are coming into this industry looking to get rich are going to push the real culture the black market has built back underground.  One day their will only be a handful of cultivators you will be able to purchase from. Think of it like the beer market. 88% of the beer market is not craft beer.

The best example of the future of the weed market is the stuff California ships out. Most people do not know what true high grade indoor is. Ive seen a lot of green house bud sold as indoor. I’ve even seen some fire outdoor that was sold as indoor. Most people who have never lived in a legal state or are above average growers themselves have ever seen true high grade. This is even more true when you consider concentrates. Who knows what that material (bud/trim) looked like before they turned it into clear or shatter or whatever. That material could have been moldy, it could have had spider mites or it could even have pesticides in the bud. All of those things are concentrated down into what ever concentrate they are making.

This is why we need small farmers for the cannabis industry. Let everyone grow. The ones who are meant to be here will stay. The rest will grow themselves out of business. It is a whole different experience when you can talk directly with someone who knows exactly what went into every feeding for the bud or concentrate that you are smoking.

You may say well thats why we have testing. Yes it is. Here’s the thing about testing facilities. They are a business as well. Their main goal is to make money. Well the way they make money is by testing as much product as possible or being paid to give higher results. If you think testing facilities aren’t already doing this you are sadly mistaken. Some cultivators even try and up their test results by adding kief to their testing product. All of this just to get big numbers.  Its all about making money to these people. They do not have a concern for the patient or recreational consumer.

Wouldn’t you want a personal relationship with the guy or gal who grows your medicine for you? Have personal relationships with extract artists, med-able chefs, and a network of other growers to make sure you have the medicine you want grown the way you want.

This is what REAL legalization looks like.
Growing pot in your back yard next to your veggies.

Let the people share cuts. Let the people share their cannabis. Let the people be truly free.


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  1. Love how much the industry is exploding because it is changing the way people look at the plant. It’s just a joint now and it is starting to lose the “devils lettuce” connotation. You are totally right though, big business is eating up the smaller farms/growers that made the cannabis culture what it is today.

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