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Cannabis & Exercise

How many of our readers have used cannabis before, during or after a work out?

THC and CBD both have anti-inflammatory properties. How many times have you come home from a hard work out and your arms, chest, or legs are tight and sore. That’s your body starting the healing process. Your muscles are inflamed.

To help the healing process you can take a light anti-inflammatory. Taking a THC or CBD supplement would do that.

Hemp derived CBD is readily available in all 50 states. This is what we would recommend be used pre and post work out.

Taking a CBD supplement before your work out will help prepare your body for your work out. While taking a CBD supplement after your work out will help with healing and soreness.

If you want to use THC you should talk with your doctor and check the laws in your state.



Florida MMTC

These are the approved Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (or dispensaries), their website and contact information.
STAY TUNED!! We will be doing MMTC reviews of EVERY dispensary!


Name Phone Email
3 Boys Farm n/a n/a
AltMed Florida (MuV) n/a n/a
Columbia Care Florida 800-714-9215
Curaleaf 877-303-0741
Green Owl Pharms n/a n/a
GrowHealthy 863-223-8882
Knox Medical 888-441-5669
KSGNF 305-306-8772 n/a
Liberty Health Sciences 833-254-4877
Remeny Wellness 352-720-0888
San Felasco Nurseries, Inc. 800-429-1987
Surterra Wellness 850-391-5455
Trulieve 844-878-5438
VidaCann 1-800-977-1686

Coffee and Cannabis

Cannabis and coffee is a popular combination used by recreational and medical users alike. The combination is often referred to as the ‘poor mans speed ball’. This because cannabis is viewed as the depressant and coffee the stimulant. One picks the user up while the other has the opposite effect.

Personally, this is one of my favorite morning rituals. I wake up, drink my coffee, take my CBD and pack a bowl of what ever I got from the dispensary. This puts me into the head space that I prefer. Medicated from the cannabis and alert from the coffee. Many people do this every day.

For those that tire easily from cannabis use. Coffee in the morning might just be the pick me up that they need. You need your medicine in the morning but you don’t want to be dragging all day because you are too medicated. The coffee take that away. No longer are you lethargic. You’ll be surrounded by a euphoric aura as you stroll off to do your daily tasks.

In short, if you are a cannabis user and a coffee drinker then you should try the two together sometime and see what the effect is on you.


Do you use cannabis and coffee?


The Legal Cannabis Market

The legal cannabis market is harsh water to tread. There is more competition than ever but thats not the issue. Competition breeds greatness, right? Well, That doesn’t seem to be the case with cannabis.

With California, the flag ship cannabis state, going recreational brands have taken over. Walk into any dispensary and when you look up at that shelf full of beautiful cannabis products look at the strain names (or brands) and prices. You will see that your favorite strains are 50-60$ an eighth. Now look at the jar right next to it. Yeah, that jar with that strain name that you have probably seen maybe once or twice or not at all. Ask your bud tender to see that jar. Really look at the two strains right next to each other. I bet that jar of ‘no-name weed’ is cheaper and better than that name brand herb.

With the inconsistency in price and quality from the dispensaries. More connoisseurs are moving back to their neighborhood grower or growing themselves.
That does not mean the dispensaries are going anywhere any time soon. If you compare the beer market to the cannabis market. You will see that only about 12% of the beer market is craft beer. We can take this information and say that the cannabis market has a similar percentage of craft consumers. This means that the ‘mids’ that the average smoker buys from the dispensary is not going anywhere any time soon. It’s the bud light of bud.

If you have to buy your bud from a dispensary. Find a honest dispensary and take your time choosing your strain. Ask questions. The bud tender is there to help you. If they do not have the answers that you are looking for ask to speak with a manager. Make sure you get the best quality medicine available.

Ways to Consume Your Medicine

There are many ways to consume cannabis today. The old school joint is still a popular choice. Then there is vaping. Next is the world of edibles. There are so many products that fall into the category of consumable cannabis.  Join us as we give you a brief overview of each one.



The all iconic joint. Everyone has seen one if not in person then on TV. The joint is the flagship choice of cannabis smokers from the early days until now. Legal dispensaries will even sell pre-rolled joints, in some states.
The less talked about ‘bowl’ is still used today. Those pretty glass pipes that you see at the head shop. You know the ones that are for ‘tobacco use only’.  Yeah, those are the one we’re talking about.
Next, is the blunt. Blunts are cannabis wrapped in tobacco leaf. This is similar to the mixing of tobacco and cannabis into a spliff that is smoked mostly in Europe.



The most common way to vape cannabis today is with one of the many different cartridges. You screw them onto any 510 tread battery. Hit the button and rip away. They don’t smell as bad the traditional joint. Hand help vapes are so common now as well that know one in public will look at you sideways for taking your medicine.
The more traditional form of vaping cannabis is with a table top vape of some sort. There are ‘whip vape’ and ‘bag vape.’ The whip vape is normally a box with a heating element and a hose with a mouth piece. The bag vape you might have seen in a movie. A bag is put on the vape a fan is run that blows the cannabis vapor into the special bag. When the bag is full its removed and you can vape your heart out.



There are many many different kinds of edibles. The most thought of edible is the ‘pot brownie’.  While wonderful and nostalgic it was only the starting point. Today we are blessed to have more than just brownies. There are tinctures. Tinctures are concentrated liquid form of cannabis. That can be easily ingested or mixed in with any beverage. There are capsules or cannabis pills. The most important thing to remember about cannabis edibles is they have a onset time. Wait at least 90 minutes after consuming a edible to take another. You don’t know how many people have said “It’s not working. Im going to take another.” Then within five to ten minutes the first dose kicks in and they are floored. Now waiting for the second dose to hit. The moral of the story is to know your limits.

Honestly, if you can imagine it you can put cannabis in it. There is even a High Times cannabis cookbook.
Get creative and add your medicine to what ever you see fit.