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Patients Over Profits

Here in the sunshine state we are blessed to be able to legally purchase and consume medical cannabis. Now that I have said that let me say this, the cannabis is generally poorly grown because of the way the medical marijuana system was built. There are currently 22 licenses to cultivate, process and distribute medical cannabis throughout the entire state of Florida. Only about 13 of those licenses are actively producing and distributing cannabis to Florida’s medical patients1. This leads to a major shortage in products. That one strain you love probably is not going to be in stock every time you visit your favorite dispensary. The reason for this is simple, cannabis is a plant and it takes time to grow, harvest, dry and cure. With such a limited number of facilities legally allowed to cultivate. Patients are left with a limited amount of resources to obtain their medicine. This also leads to high prices for pot. You know, supply and demand. Dispensaries tend to rush product out to meet the demand. Either harvesting the plant early or not allowing it to dry/cure properly. This results in a sub par, some would even say ‘non-medical quality’ product.

The state has limited the supply of medical cannabis to the 306,1852 patients in Florida. What are they to do next? In other states patients can mitigate the cost of their medication by growing it themselves or even by signing those ‘grow rights’ away to a caregiver, not in Florida. In Florida even if you are a medical marijuana patient if you are caught with plants in your home you can face felony charges, prison time, and even loose your home! Less then 25 plants can land you in prison for up to five years3. This just is not fair.

If Florida were to allow the home growing of medical cannabis by state licensed medical marijuana patients they would take a lot of the stress off of the dispensaries. This would lower the cost in the dispensary and also raise the quality in the dispensary. How? You ask. If patients have the ability to cultivate their own cannabis they will not have to purchase as much from the dispensaries. Remember that supply and demand issue? This will also allow the cultivation teams that work for those business to properly grow, dry, and cure their product. Home grow also opens the door for more conversations about growing cannabis. This education and experience will help the patients of Florida better understand what quality cannabis is and what it takes to create it.

That is why we are starting a movement. We are calling it ‘ Patients Over Profits ‘. This is a movement to bring legal home grow to the patients of Florida. It is time that we put our foot down with this rushed, low quality, over priced cannabis and demand the medicine that we deserve. All Florida medical marijuana patient should be allowed to cultivate at least 12 plants in their home for their personal consumption. Why is it that we have to continue to line the pockets of big business that sells sub par medication?

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