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Veg+Bloom is a “one part” powdered nutrient line. The line consists of a one part base, a calmg supplement, bacteria mixed with a silica, a foliar spray and a bloom booster.

One part base: Veg+Bloom Base (Varies based on water and medium)
CalMg: Stackswell
Bacteria/Silica: +Life
Foliar Spray: Push
Bloom Booster: Shine

Like all powdered nutrients this line is mixed at gram per gallon. The base is used in 4-6 gram per gallon. The stackswell is only used to raise the EC to 0.3-0.5. +Life is used at 0.2 grams per gallon. Shine is used at 1-1.5 grams per gallon. Finally the foliar spray push is used at 50ml per gallon.

This is a vey cost effective way to grow some dank plants. These 5 “bottles” will give your plants everything they need at every stage of life. The cost of these nutrients is much lower because you do not have to pay for the weight in water to ship it.

The pH is stable with this line.

Your medium and water quality dictates the base you buy.
If you are in rock wool and using tap water with a EC of 0.3+ you will want to Tap/Hard base. If you are in any hydroponic medium (rock wool, coco, dwc) and are using RO water or water with a EC of 0.3 or less then you will want the RO/Soft base. If you are growing in a peat based medium you will water the dirty base.


Veg+Bloom with MammothP is a match made in heaven.

We give Veg+Bloom 5 out of 5 Stars.