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SantaCruz Shredder

The SantaCruz Shredder grinder is a step above the rest. From the moment the small discrete package arrived to the last puff. This grinder is worth every penny. Follow with us as we explain why this grinder is a must have in any connoisseurs tool kit.

For most ordering smoke gear online is scary. Do not worry about ordering from SantaCruzShredder.com. The package arrived exactly when the tracking number sent said it would. A small brown box with only a shipping label and fragile will arrive at your front door. This is nice if you do not want your mail man to know you are getting a new grinder.

Once we got the box inside we found a snuggly packed smaller white box inside the shipping box. This smaller white box is photo’d in the image above. – Oops, did I break the fourth wall?! Inside the smaller white box we found out new grinder.

The first thing we noticed is this grinder is slightly taller then our old ‘medium sized’ grinder. Looking inside the Santa Cruz Shredder the teeth are much smaller than other grinders. This is how this grinder is able to give such a perfectly fluffed grinds, every time. The top is magnetized much like other grinders. The gasket seems to be in place better than most. This well help prevent the lid from locking on as the tool is used.

Next, we go to the second level of this three stage grinder. This is where your material will end up before you – cough – roll it up. This section of the grinder is much larger than most medium sized grinders. We also noticed that the holes that the material falls through from the first chamber are larger and shaped differently than most other grinders. The screen below all this action seems to be a bit larger micron than seen normally. This may help with ‘pollen fall back’. Meaning this may keep the screen cleaner by allowing pollen to fall back through the screen. Instead of getting clogged up inside the screen.

Lastly, this beauty comes with a limited life time warranty.

As your cannabis concierge we give this product a rating of 4.8 puffs and recommend it in any connoisseurs tool kit.

Rating: 4.8/5 Puffs