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How to Clean Your Bong

Everyone wants to have a clean piece right? I know I’ve slacked on cleaning mine sometimes. Here is the best, most affordable way to clean your piece at home. You will need the highest proof isopropyl alcohol you can find. WalMart, Walgreens, CVS sell 90% isopropyl alcohol. You can find 99% isopropyl alcohol on Amazon or other websites.

Next, you will need salt. Table salt will work fine. Poor a very generous amount into the piece you are wanting to clean. (If you are cleaning a smaller piece you can use a Tupperware container.) Now pour the alcohol into the piece (or Tupperware). The next step is simple but needs to be done carefully. Shake the piece. You want the salt and alcohol solution to move through the piece. Repeat this step until the piece is completely clean.

The final step is the rinse the alcohol smell (and taste) from the piece. To do this you will want to run hot water through the piece. (If you’re using a Tupperware. Put the warm water into the Tupperware and shake the piece again.) Repeat this process until the piece no longer smells like alcohol.