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MammothP Review

Lets start the year off right with a review of an amazing product for any garden. You heard that right ANY garden.

This product is MammothP. This product is a bacteria that makes more phosphorus available to the plant. This is important because out of our NPK the ‘P’ or phosphorus is our macro nutrient that helps create those big full flowers.

This product can be used in any medium. Soil. Coco. Rock wool. Hydro.

The average gardner will not use a lot of MammothP. Since the max dosage is about 2ml per gallon. With such low dosage rates and such helpful returns. Up to 16%. That’s a lot. Last I heard co2 caused a 20% increase. We all spend a obscene amount of money on co2. Why not a bacteria?

Moral of the story. If you’re not using MammothP buy some now. It will only improve what you are already doing.

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Casualties of the Drug War

How many people do you know that have been arrested for drugs? I bet you or someone rather close to you has at least been hassled with by police over a small amount of cannabis. If you were born into a legal state ask your parents. Im sure they have a story or two for you.

These non violent drug offenses clog up our legal system. They disrupt and often ruin the lives of the offender. There are many times a person who is convicted of a low level drug offense will have to wait seven or more years for a expungement to even be heard.

When you’re convicted of a drug felony or any felony for that matter, all your rights are stripped from you. You can no longer own a firearm. You can no longer vote. In some states won’t let felons hold public office. On top of having your rights removed. Now when you are filling out a job application or a apartment application you either have to lie when they ask ‘have you ever been convicted of a felony’ or you have to check ‘yes’ and almost certainly be denied.

Lastly, you have probation or jail costs. The court might have even fined you.

None of this is helping rehabilitate the person. This only makes their life more difficult then it already was. We need to find a way to fix this broken system.

Cannabis & Exercise

How many of our readers have used cannabis before, during or after a work out?

THC and CBD both have anti-inflammatory properties. How many times have you come home from a hard work out and your arms, chest, or legs are tight and sore. That’s your body starting the healing process. Your muscles are inflamed.

To help the healing process you can take a light anti-inflammatory. Taking a THC or CBD supplement would do that.

Hemp derived CBD is readily available in all 50 states. This is what we would recommend be used pre and post work out.

Taking a CBD supplement before your work out will help prepare your body for your work out. While taking a CBD supplement after your work out will help with healing and soreness.

If you want to use THC you should talk with your doctor and check the laws in your state.


Growing in Coco – The Basics

Coconut coir or coco is a preferred medium of many growers. It has little to no nutritional value to the plant. It retains moisture well while also allowing for optimal oxygen to the root zone. Coco can be watered multiple times a day, once a day, or every other day. We would not recommend allowing your coco medium to dry out.

What is the proper pH for coco?
The answers, 5.8-6.2
This also depends on the plant you are growing but the pH in a coco medium will always fall between those two numbers.

What kind of nutrients should be used with coco?
Coco specific nutrients are preferred but not required. Most big brands will have a coco line. General Hydroponics , House and Garden , Advanced Nutrients  just to name a few. The reason for coco specific nutrients is coco’s special relationship with calcium, magnesium, and iron. If you are not using coco specific nutrients then you can supplement with a bottle of CalMag or CaliMagic, really any calcium / magnesium product. Just read the label to make sure it has all three elements.

How often do I water?
That is up to you as the grower. Coco is a very versatile medium. If you water multiple times a day you will see the plant grow more like a hydroponic plant. If you water once every other day you are going to see more soil like growth.  We would recommend watering at least once a day, if not 2-3 times a day. The is because the roots need oxygen. Growers tend to forget that while the part of the plant that is above the medium thrives on Co2. The roots zone need oxygen to grow. Every time you water a plant you add oxygen to the root zone. (You know H2O).

But I am going to over water my plant?!
No you wont, coco is very resilient to over watering because it acts like a hydroponic medium when treated as such. You do not want to underwater coco.
Have you ever left a glass of salt water out and come back to only find salt in the the glass? Thats because when the water evaporated the salt is left behind. The same is true with coco and synthetic nutrients. When you allow coco to dry out all the salt that is in the medium drys to the roots of the plant and damages them.