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Coffee and Cannabis

Cannabis and coffee is a popular combination used by recreational and medical users alike. The combination is often referred to as the ‘poor mans speed ball’. This because cannabis is viewed as the depressant and coffee the stimulant. One picks the user up while the other has the opposite effect.

Personally, this is one of my favorite morning rituals. I wake up, drink my coffee, take my CBD and pack a bowl of what ever I got from the dispensary. This puts me into the head space that I prefer. Medicated from the cannabis and alert from the coffee. Many people do this every day.

For those that tire easily from cannabis use. Coffee in the morning might just be the pick me up that they need. You need your medicine in the morning but you don’t want to be dragging all day because you are too medicated. The coffee take that away. No longer are you lethargic. You’ll be surrounded by a euphoric aura as you stroll off to do your daily tasks.

In short, if you are a cannabis user and a coffee drinker then you should try the two together sometime and see what the effect is on you.


Do you use cannabis and coffee?



UK Allows Medical Cannabis

The United Kingdom has opened up medical cannabis as a option for some patients. There are still restrictions. Such as you must be prescribed by a approved doctor. Also, there is a list of aliments that will qualify a patient. This came because of two boys with epilepsy that were denied access to this life saving medicine.

Cannabis in the UK can be prescribed in cases of

  • Children with rare, severe forms of epilepsy
  • Adults with vomiting or nausea caused by chemotherapy
  • Adults with muscle stiffness caused by multiple sclerosis


This is a small victory of cannabis reform world wide.



The Legal Cannabis Market

The legal cannabis market is harsh water to tread. There is more competition than ever but thats not the issue. Competition breeds greatness, right? Well, That doesn’t seem to be the case with cannabis.

With California, the flag ship cannabis state, going recreational brands have taken over. Walk into any dispensary and when you look up at that shelf full of beautiful cannabis products look at the strain names (or brands) and prices. You will see that your favorite strains are 50-60$ an eighth. Now look at the jar right next to it. Yeah, that jar with that strain name that you have probably seen maybe once or twice or not at all. Ask your bud tender to see that jar. Really look at the two strains right next to each other. I bet that jar of ‘no-name weed’ is cheaper and better than that name brand herb.

With the inconsistency in price and quality from the dispensaries. More connoisseurs are moving back to their neighborhood grower or growing themselves.
That does not mean the dispensaries are going anywhere any time soon. If you compare the beer market to the cannabis market. You will see that only about 12% of the beer market is craft beer. We can take this information and say that the cannabis market has a similar percentage of craft consumers. This means that the ‘mids’ that the average smoker buys from the dispensary is not going anywhere any time soon. It’s the bud light of bud.

If you have to buy your bud from a dispensary. Find a honest dispensary and take your time choosing your strain. Ask questions. The bud tender is there to help you. If they do not have the answers that you are looking for ask to speak with a manager. Make sure you get the best quality medicine available.

Growing in Coco – The Basics

Coconut coir or coco is a preferred medium of many growers. It has little to no nutritional value to the plant. It retains moisture well while also allowing for optimal oxygen to the root zone. Coco can be watered multiple times a day, once a day, or every other day. We would not recommend allowing your coco medium to dry out.

What is the proper pH for coco?
The answers, 5.8-6.2
This also depends on the plant you are growing but the pH in a coco medium will always fall between those two numbers.

What kind of nutrients should be used with coco?
Coco specific nutrients are preferred but not required. Most big brands will have a coco line. General Hydroponics , House and Garden , Advanced Nutrients  just to name a few. The reason for coco specific nutrients is coco’s special relationship with calcium, magnesium, and iron. If you are not using coco specific nutrients then you can supplement with a bottle of CalMag or CaliMagic, really any calcium / magnesium product. Just read the label to make sure it has all three elements.

How often do I water?
That is up to you as the grower. Coco is a very versatile medium. If you water multiple times a day you will see the plant grow more like a hydroponic plant. If you water once every other day you are going to see more soil like growth.  We would recommend watering at least once a day, if not 2-3 times a day. The is because the roots need oxygen. Growers tend to forget that while the part of the plant that is above the medium thrives on Co2. The roots zone need oxygen to grow. Every time you water a plant you add oxygen to the root zone. (You know H2O).

But I am going to over water my plant?!
No you wont, coco is very resilient to over watering because it acts like a hydroponic medium when treated as such. You do not want to underwater coco.
Have you ever left a glass of salt water out and come back to only find salt in the the glass? Thats because when the water evaporated the salt is left behind. The same is true with coco and synthetic nutrients. When you allow coco to dry out all the salt that is in the medium drys to the roots of the plant and damages them.

Canada’s Cannabis Shortage

It’s amazing, cannabis is legal for adult use! In Canada that is. Canadians from all walks of life flocked to buy their first grams of legal weed. Lines where long and not everyone was happy.

The Canadian government thought they would have enough to go around but sadly that just was not true.

For the Canadians who did receive their legal weed. The packaging left more to be desired. The containers are bland with no labels other than a red stop sign and a bright yellow panel warning that cannabis can be addictive. Along with, THC and CBD percentages.

This is only the beginning, the worlds largest legal cannabis market will evolve.

Will this draw more people to grow their own or buy from their neighborhood dealer?